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Do you need a professional photographer for your Prague corporate event, PR, conference, or industrial photography stock needs? Do you need an experienced tv production stills photographer, gala event coverage, private VIP events, staff headshots, or brand identity photography? If so, my team and I can assist. 

With over 25-years of international experience — chances are we have already captured the type of images you need. 

Photographer | Corporate | Commercial | Industrial | PR & Event

Executive Portraits

Our artistry comes from capturing a subject’s strength, warmth, and personality. Whether we come to your office, home, or you visit the portrait studio in Mala Strana, let us create a portrait that is uniquely yours.

Photographer | Corporate | Commercial | Industrial | PR & Event

Environmental Portraits

Are you looking to make a bold visual statement? Do you desire images that are unique to your brand? If so, you should get in touch. We love creating portraits that showcase an idea or a unique vision. If you have a concept that needs a visual creator to execute it correctly — get in touch. 

Photographer | Corporate | Commercial | Industrial | PR & Event

Prague Event Photographers

Our experience in event photography combined with our photojournalism experience — where capturing moments in just a few short seconds — makes us your go-to photographers for your corporate photo needs. We work professionally, quietly, and unobtrusively. Always well dressed, on time, and with the correct equipment. 

We have experience photographing Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, pro athletes, politicians, and successful business people from all walks of life. We cover corporate and private events of all sizes and needs.

Photographer | Corporate | Commercial | Industrial | PR & Event

Brand Photography

The world has never been more visually oriented. Having the right photos that draw attention is the difference between a viewer staying with your site and becoming a client or returning to Google. 

 When you hire us as your brand photographer, you will have someone who will focus on creating your message beautifully and professionally. 

 We will discuss your needs, organize a plan and capture everything needed for your website, social media, blogs, brochures, advertising, etc.  


Photographer | Corporate | Commercial | Industrial | PR & Event

Industrial Photography

From concept to raw materials, manufacturing to delivery, each step can provide excellent opportunities to showcase your companies capabilities and products. 

Our experience runs the gamut of photographing employees in the office environment to capturing industrial and fabrication imagery in hazardous and often inaccessible locations. To bringing out lighting equipment to make the mundane visually more interesting for your stakeholders. 

 Regardless of your imagery needs, let us help grow your business and tell your story by capturing imagery that elevates your brand’s marketing and internal & external strategies.


The Power of Photography

Successful brands know that the right visuals can make an enormous impact on their customer’s and stakeholder’s perceptions. Stock photography can take you only so far. But brand photography takes your business to the next level. Showcasing your brand identity across all of your visual assets builds confidence and trust. 

Every picture you use for digital or print media — product photos, staff headshots, board member profiles, features and etc — should be representative of your brand. Are you High Tech and refined? Approachable and affordable? New and quirky? Established and reliable? Your pictures can convey this message without the viewer having read a single word. 

Many companies that once relied heavily on stock photography realize that those generic and often bland pictures were holding them back. This was fine for a while, but it is hard to make a visual impact when you are depending on generic photos that others may also be using. By hiring a professional photographer you will have a unique collection of images that conveys your brand cohesively and accurately.

Why not use stock photography?

Of course, you can use stock imagery, but there are issues. Stock imagery tends to be clearly staged and visually less engaging. Most viewers can spot them very quickly and they do not inspire confidence. 

Second, it can be quite hard to find an image that relates specifically to your brand — especially if your expertise falls within a niche area. 

Third, you may spend many fruitless hours searching for images and never find them. This frustration is quite common with designers, art directors, and or communication people who are tasked with telling your story visually. Most often bland imagery is chosen to fill the void — watering down the message you are trying to convey. 

 The other common issue: there is nothing to stop anyone else from using the same photo or photos consisting of the same model same setting and etc. It truly is hard to stand out when everything looks the same. 

So what are the different types of branding photography?

Headshots or brand photography are the most well-known. Many people invest in professional headshots that they use for their personal identity. This can be for social media, websites, adverts, and email signatures. To create a more cohesive look — try having all of your staff headshots captured in the same environment — in-studio or the same exact location. 

The consistency of the lighting, background, and if you have it logo placement will convey reliability as opposed to a smorgasbord of randomly styled portraits.

When planning a headshot session it is always a good idea to make a list of people you will need and organize it accordingly. Having a large dedicated space for the photographer to bring in his backdrops and lighting gear will be appreciated. We recommend having a hair & makeup artist to ensure that everyone looks their best. It will also cut down on post-processing and additional fees. A small tip when planning a session — no busy patterns or loud colors in your attire, please.

Product photography

From concept to raw materials, manufacturing, and delivery, each step can provide excellent opportunities to showcase your company’s capabilities, but also its products.

In the initial planning stage, it is always best to come up with a list of what is important and then discuss the best ways to capture it with a timeline. Usually, the photographer must bring in lighting equipment. Other times it may mean capturing or staging production images to ensure the safety of everyone involved. It is always best to discuss everything in detail beforehand and to come up with a workable plan. Having the right amount of time allocated ensures that the photography does not detract from your business. Additionally, having your photographer do a walk-through of your company’s premises and production beforehand is always a great idea. 

Environmental / workspace photography

Not everyone has products to sale, so capturing your staff at work,  in meetings or even with clients are part of brand photography. Having a collection of detail photos, such as interactions of clients and staff interacting can be very beneficial. Staging these images may be needed, but it is far better visually than nothing at all. A great photographer will know how to make these shots look candid and natural.

Detail / Abstract photography

At times difficult to create, yet visually more rewarding— abstract brand photography tells the big picture through the many details. By having a mixture of those wide-angle shots and mixing it up with detail or abstract images — you can convey a more cohesive message that works better visually. It will also bring more variety to your library of photos that will always be appreciated when. 

Personal Brand Photography — on the day of

Everything starts with a plan. Your team and your photographer should have everything worked out and in detail before the day of timelines, locations, lighting setups for the staff headshots, lighting setups for the products, a list of everyone who will be involved. Having a list of photo ideas and concepts will also make it easier when it comes to creating your imagery on the day of.

By having a plan you can relax knowing that the process is as quick and effortless as possible. It is also crucial that everyone who needs to be on site and on-time is there. There is nothing worse than an entire schedule being turned upside down due to one person not being ready. By planning everything and keeping track of the progress — you can rest easily knowing that you will receive exactly the kind of imagery that you need and your time and investment was well spent. 

Do you have questions? Would you like to discuss your needs further? Then get in touch as we would be happy to work with you.


Since 1996, we have photographed countless corporate meetings, fund-raisers, charity golf tournaments, live tv events, staff headshots (in studio and or on-location) product rollouts, award presentations, speeches, ribbon cuttings, celebrity appearances, receptions, press conferences, publicity photo ops, seminars, trade shows, behind the scene productions for social media and yes, the always popular “grip-n-grin” images. If you need it, chances are we can do it as we have already captured these types of events in the past.


We offer a comprehensive suite of digital solutions. From digital capture and delivery to old-fashion high quality paper prints.

Additionally we regularly partner with a crew of video specialists who are leaders in their fields and can provide services you may need for your event.


When you hire my team, you are hiring experienced professionals. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with our services or products, we will re-shoot, re-touch, reprint, or otherwise work to resolve your issues until you are satisfied. Rest assured when you hire my team will receive professional results. So no stress and no worries.

Partial client List:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — Event photographer

The Muhammad Ali Center — Event photographer

Laureus World Sports Award — Event Photographer

Prague International Marathon — DOP & Official Photographer

Kentucky Derby — Official Photographer

Breeders Cup — Official Photographer

Churchill Downs — Official Photographer

Classical Movements — Event Photographer

Bremse-Knorr — Gala & Event Photographer

PGA — Tiger Woods — Official Photographer

BIO-RAD — Gala & Event Photographer

CEMEX, GE MONEY BANK, &  many more…

Questions and answers

Are you based in Prague?

Yes, my team and I are residing in Prague. However, we cover assignments throughout Europe except for the United Kingdom.

What languages does your team speak?

With a native English-speaking team owner and manager, my team members can speak Czech, Slovak, German, Ukrainian, and Russian.

How much does your services costs?

That is a great question and one that we can not answer as we would need to know a lot more about your photography needs. It is always best to get in touch to discuss everything before we can quote you a figure.

What other services do you offer?

Though we are a full-time photography provider, we also work closely with video production teams, drone photographers, hair & makeup artists, as well as those who can live stream your event.

Additional questions?

Feel free to get in touch with any further questions you may have.

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